IT Security: Is it Really Safe to Move to Cloud?

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Caption: The cloud provides storage and data which can be accessed virtually anywhere. But recent data breaches and tech attacks make some businesses wary of the cloud. With the right Managed Service Provider, the cloud can work for you.

The past few years of tech news have included a fair share of reporting on data breaches, ransomware, malware, and other security problems. Sadly, these problems aren’t limited to just one industry. Financial businesses, healthcare, and social networks are all prone to data breach issues. A data breach isn’t just bad news for the company or internet hosting company, it’s also bad news for customers whose information is compromised by the data breach. The thought of security issues keeps many people and businesses from shifting to the cloud, but security and cloud computing can go hand in hand.

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Caption: For many businesses, the cloud is an ideal productivity option. Recent data breaches make many businesses wary of using the cloud.

Recent Dell surveys show how many IT professionals still question the security of cloud computing. 75% of IT professionals believe C-Suite computing executives understand the importance of data security, but only 25% feel that the C-Suite decision makers are able to make truly informed choices regarding security. This means that many IT professionals want to limit access to the public cloud within their company, and nearly 80% wouldn’t upload critical data to a cloud system.

Human Error Results in Security Flaws Anywhere

This can be a drastic response to recent security issues. There have been security breaches recently, but many of these breaches are a result of human, not computer, error. A good provider of managed IT services can help prevent security issues through proper security protocols.

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Caption: A Managed Service Provider (MSP) can help establish a secure cloud for your business.

There are some steps your MSP should be taking to secure your cloud and its data. This includes installing proper security measures, such as password protection or encryption where necessary. It also involves ensuring that all users understand the goals and safety protocols for your cloud system. There should also be an action plan at the ready in case any issues do arise.

When The Cloud Isn’t Your Right Choice

Cloud computing can be ideal for many businesses, but there are some situations where it will not be the right fit for your business. Perhaps you’re running proprietary or on-site systems which will lose functionality in a cloud setting. Or, maybe your systems simply cannot support the internet or computing power necessary to connect to and maintain the cloud. These are applicable reasons for avoiding the cloud for your business. But, make sure that this is a decision made by all responsible parties, not just one individual acting rashly.

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Caption: Some businesses may not transfer to the cloud so easily. If you utilize proprietary systems, or if online accessibility is not a need, the cloud may not be your best fit. Contact your MSP to learn whether or not the cloud is right for your business.

Knowledge Makes a Safer Cloud

As with any computing technology, it is imperative to have the right experts on hand to get the job done. A professional Managed Service Provider can help ensure the productivity and safety of your cloud. A knowledgeable MSP can establish your company’s cloud, along with any security measures. Your MSP can also educate employees on proper utilization of this technology. As more enterprises continue migrating to the cloud, MSPs are playing an important role in helping to ease this transition.

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Caption: A knowledgeable MSP can help develop a safer cloud for your operations. Proper security and defense against viruses can help keep your cloud secure.

Security has been, and will always be, a crucial component of your company’s IT ventures. But with the support of a trusted professional, such as a skilled MSP, you can rest assured that your security is in shape. Contact a Managed Service Provider that you can trust to learn more about your company’s possibilities in the cloud.

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